SHCC Community Fun Day

We've been baking! In preparation for the fun day tomorrow we've been getting our cook on with our friend Sarah.

We made:

Popcorn Cake

Honey Flapjacks (with raisins)

Lime and Lavender Poppyseed Cake


and Chocolate Brownies

(Sarah also rustled up some fairy cakes and a chocolate and banana brownie)
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My favourite Lucian Freud Picture

Lord Goodman in His Yellow Pyjamas

[Menu Thoughts] Cold

Make the most of summer and avoid sweating in the kitchen by making heat-free foodstuffs to eat chilled.

Gazpacho: Summer soup eaten cold. 

1kg of tomatoes
4 inches of cucumber
a handful of chives
a clove of garlic
a couple of glugs of olive oil
a splash of white wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Blend and fully chill.

Coffee ice lollies: these ones without milk, though milk reportedly works well too. 

Make a mug of strong and sweet coffee, then freeze in moulds.

By far my favourite of these frozen stuffs.

Summer Cooler Cubes:  a weird combination of savoury ingredients to put in a glass of water? A very refreshing combination. 

[Menu Thoughts] Leftovers

Leftover potato frittas fried with spinach, garlic puree and chilli flakes. 

London Baby II- bring on next year

Does he look nervous? On Thursday Tom interviewed for a masters at University of Buckingam. We accompanied him to the big city for moral support. 

We "did" the Saatchi Gallery and it "did" us proud: its long qualified as my favourite gallery not necessarily because of its contents but because of how it "does" being a gallery. For a £1 they'll give you the complete listing of works in the show with information on each artist. There are no barriers so you can get up close and smelly with the work. And best of all you can take photos, with no restrictions.

We were reunited with Smithy by the Albert Memorial and made our way to the Lido for coffee before walking to the V&A to meet Nai. 

Keeping up with some favourite haunts we had cookies and milkshake at Ben's cookies in Covent Garden and discovered a new favourite place to sample tea for free, Tea Palace. Then found our way to Leon

Nai took this pic to record our milkshake

I'd strongly recommend the sweet potato falafel. And this pair seemed to enjoy their food too.

The trip was nicely rounded off when Tom got the call to confirm his place on the course next year, whilst driving home into the sunset no less. Well done Smithy.
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