Off to Wales

We're heading off to Abersoch today to help run a Scripture Union Beach Mission there.

We've made some blog posts to upload while we're gone, about our wedding! And hopefully when we get back there'll be plenty of pictures of sunny beaches to upload.

Happy Holidays

Just out of interest...

...this is what google has come up with as my demographic:

You can reach this information by hitting the little options icon on the top right hand corner of certain adverts online. So, what did google make of you?

SHCC Community Fun Day!

...it was SWEET!




SHCC Community Fun Day

We've been baking! In preparation for the fun day tomorrow we've been getting our cook on with our friend Sarah.

We made:

Popcorn Cake

Honey Flapjacks (with raisins)

Lime and Lavender Poppyseed Cake


and Chocolate Brownies

(Sarah also rustled up some fairy cakes and a chocolate and banana brownie)
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